Wednesday, September 1, 2010

crafty-ness exploded...

so i have been sort of hush in the blog world... but that is not to say i have not been busy. its less than two weeks till the craft fair and im getting sort of nervious. do i have enough stuff? will people like my flowers? its crazy whaat goes through your head. this is my first fair, and i don't know what to expect.

it currently looks like a craft store threw up in my living room. and thats not even counting the dining room table where my sewing machine and cutting mats are set up! which is fine for the moment, i like the crafty chaos. but as soon as the fair is over its priority one to organize all my supplies better. this way i'll be more productive. i am still dreaming of the day where i have an art studio where everything can stay set up with out being in the way... one day...

this weekend: the plan is to pull out all my finished pieces and see what still needs to be done for the fair. so stay tuned for a mini fair preview coming soon :)
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