Friday, July 16, 2010

Awesome Artist Find: Tsai-Fi

So... I know this blog is suppose to be about MY crafty-ness and my art... but I couldn't help but share this fantastic artist I recently came across Tsai-Fi. I was browsing the products on Shana Logic and adding cute stuff to my wishlist (in case anyone reading wants to buy me presents... hint hint, nudge nudge), when I cam across an adorable necklace of an octopus with a heart shaped eye patch.

With my love for anything pirate-y and cute... I was naturally drawn and had to look up the artist for more information. Turns out ALL of her stuff is cute (but not in a so cute it makes you sick kind of way). Here are some examples of her prints.

I love paintings on wood. They just have a certain quality that really catches my attention. If you have a minute, swing over to her website or etsy shop... I will most definitely be buying prints as soon as I have a wall of my own to hang them on. For now, I will admire from a-far :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

blog makeover

hey all-

my blog just got a little make-over. I have been all about the color grey lately and so it seemed fitting to add it to my blog.

and speaking of grey... have you checked out this awesome band seven shades of grey? If you haven't... its time :)

more crafty-ness soon....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

blogging from the beach....

ok ok so i haven't been a very good blogger lately. but that doesn't mean i haven't been busy. its been a crazy june and now it's over.
whats been going on you ask? lots. in may i went to a wedding where i made all of my accessories....(pictures to come). it was fun and all started with a pair of shoes that i had to have :). in june i decided to sign up for my first craft fair. my application was accepted and the fair will be this september. i am looking forward to it, be need to get my craft on for next couple months so i have enough stuff to bring with me. this weekend we headed to the cape for the is the first chance i really had to relax in a while...yet i still brought craftyness with me :) i shall keep you all updated on my craft fair progress. also...look for an etsy shop update sometime this week. happy 4th everyone.

jacki...this post was for you.

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