Friday, July 16, 2010

Awesome Artist Find: Tsai-Fi

So... I know this blog is suppose to be about MY crafty-ness and my art... but I couldn't help but share this fantastic artist I recently came across Tsai-Fi. I was browsing the products on Shana Logic and adding cute stuff to my wishlist (in case anyone reading wants to buy me presents... hint hint, nudge nudge), when I cam across an adorable necklace of an octopus with a heart shaped eye patch.

With my love for anything pirate-y and cute... I was naturally drawn and had to look up the artist for more information. Turns out ALL of her stuff is cute (but not in a so cute it makes you sick kind of way). Here are some examples of her prints.

I love paintings on wood. They just have a certain quality that really catches my attention. If you have a minute, swing over to her website or etsy shop... I will most definitely be buying prints as soon as I have a wall of my own to hang them on. For now, I will admire from a-far :)

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