Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Find

So. Since I am adamant about getting my magnets up on Etsy by the end of March, I started to work on them this weekend. I decided once I started that it would be great to have a surface to work on that was like a great, so i could glue both sides with out worrying about them sticking. Usually, I end up with bits of newspaper stuck to either the edge, or the back of my magnets.

I figured a baking rack would be just what I needed. So D and I took a trip to Target. Found a baking rack, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I was hoping for something that had smaller wire... and I couldn't describe what I wanted clearly... so we started walking around the store. D kept picking up everything that was "grid like" or was a rack to anything. Then we got to the grill section. Piled up along the shelves were fireplace screens all on clearance. D pulls one out... and YES... exactly the screen i was looking for. Of course... it appeared huge compaired to the small baking rack I was holding... but oddly enough it was cheaper. So... to save money and get the surface I wanted... I went with the fireplace rack. It worked out better than I could ever imagine. I can spary and glue with out worrying that it will get completely stuck to the surface.

Once I have an appropraite work space... I will be able to unfold this fully.... Then there is no stopping me :)

Stay tuned for an update on my magnet process.

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