Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

So... on a complete whim... I decided I needed another bulletin board. With no intentions of being crafty (except to maybe paint it from its dull cork and fake wood color).... I ended up with this:

How you ask? I had an urge to go through my fabric bin. What I found was this duvet cover I had bought at Ikea about a year ago from the "as is" bin due to a small hole in the corner. It was $1.98 for a twin duvet, and I thought it was cute.... and for that price you can't buy that much fabric!

Once I found the fabric, I thought to myself, I would cover the board with batten, and ribbon and make a french bulletin board like one i have previously made:

Yes... my mind switched directions yet again, like it often does and I pulled out my sewing machine. I cut the piece of fabric the size of the board, and sewed pockets on using some scraps I had found in my bin.

 Once I was finished, I sprayed the edges of the bulletin board with black spray paint. Forgetting that I live in Massachusetts, I thought to myself... "yes if i spray this outside, it will dry in no time" 2 hours later.... it was still tacky because it was so uber cold out. Hello- It's January. Another hour drying inside, a few touch ups and a quick brush over with my blow dryer later... I was ready to apply the fabric. I sprayed the cork with spray adhesive. I used Elmer's Craft Bond, which is not usually my first choice of spray adhesive, but I was quite pleased with it. Anyway... I sprayed the cork, smoothed out the fabric over it and was almost done.

Now, because this project was a complete whim... I didn't think about the edges of the fabric. Good thing I seem to have an over abundance of ribbon left over from previous projects. I glued the ribbon around the edge and voila... I was done.

Of course my mother walked into the house just as I finished and now "has to have one" so I may be re-attempting this project in the near future. This time with a little better planning.

Oh well... sometimes you just have to let creativity take over.
You never know what you are going to end up with.


  1. That is great fabric! I love the board, and I’m so glad the spray adhesive did the trick!