Monday, February 11, 2013

2013.... What's Expected.

Shocking. I am late again with this blog post. Last month I told you to be on the look out for the 2013 goals/objectives I said I wanted to have for the upcoming year. Well... I am off to a fantastic start. Which makes me change goal #1 to the following:

1. Make a schedule and stick to it:
I typically work better with structure. It's just something I have learned about myself. I am going to make a creative schedule. This will include blogging, craft fairs, brainstorming activities and more. My goal is with in a few months, to have postings once a week. Postings will include things like shop sales, items of note I've found, projects, future ideas etc. You've read blogs before, you know the drill :) Which leads to goal #2.

2. Make art (or craft) for the sake of art:
Before I got so seemingly busy, and I was carefree in my 20's (yes, I've hit the 30s now... eeek), I use to paint, do mixed media, craft, walk around with my camera... all just for fun! I miss it. I really would like to get back to creating for fun again. That's not to say I won't make new things for the shop... but sometimes, you just need a craft social or pinterest project evening. I think it keeps the mind fresh, and ideas flowing. Hopefully, a post schedule will help me share what I've made.

3. A space to create, maybe even an organized one:
So, if you don't know me personally... you don't know that I've been on the hunt for a new home. The past few years, I have bounced around a bit. With all the shuffling around, not only do my craft and art supplies not have a home- but I am typically found working on the floor where ever I am because I don't have the surface space. I am determined to find a space of my own in 2013. I can't guarantee it will be neat and tidy, because lets face it- I work better in "organized chaos", but it will be mine.

Those are the major three goals for 2013. I have a few minor ones that I am throwing in there... but they are secondary.

4. Take better photos: When I was in art school (life as an art school kid, I do miss it sometimes), I knew my camera inside and out. Photography is not like riding a bike. You forget things, and I certainly have.

5. Master Crochet: Last year the only goal I actually accomplished in full was learning to crochet. (if you are thinking of learning... I started here) Well... I learned enough to make a few things, but the truth is, I learned one stitch. I want to learn more so I don't stumble every time I pick up the hook. And who knows, maybe it will lead me to knitting!

6. Cook healthier meals: Although I don't have a passion for being in the kitchen, its always nice a nice addition to any goal list.  Everyone wants to be healthier to start a new year, right? D is typically the cook, while my kitchen time is reserved for baking or making something sweet. Its a good goal to work on together.

And there you have it. My list, as specific as I could make it. Do you have something you'd like to accomplish this year? Please share!

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  1. I will gladly have more "Craft Socials" with you. I totally agree with the fact that having goals makes it easier to stay on track!!