Monday, February 7, 2011


About a month ago I made a housewarming present for a friend of ours. A housewarming present that was about 8 months late from her actually buying and moving into her house... but nonetheless it was cute. It was a french memo board. I hadn't made a memo board since my non-traditional memo board. Actually, I had never made a traditional one at all, never been one for very traditional :)

This one came out great. Unfortunately, as a bad blogger... I was too excited and gave it away before I even took one single picture of it.

Lucky for you, Jacki turned 30 today. Yay! I thought a shabby chic memo board would be a perfect gift.

With crackled edges, the cutest scissor print fabric ever and perfect white button accents, I knew she she would love it. (And yes, she did.)

Of course to add to the charm, I wrapped it in brown craft paper and added a cute flower clip for flair :)

Lately- I am surrounded by 30th birthdays. I am not sure if it makes me feel old, because all my friends are turning 30... or young because I am still not there yet.

Once again, Happy Birthday Jacki! Hope 30 is good to you!

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