Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fabric Flowers Part Two: Rosettes

Let me start by saying this whole obsession of learning how to make flowers started with a bag I wanted that had zipper rosettes on it....

Since I am trying to save money and all... and the cost of this bag was uber expensive... I sadly did not buy the bag... but decided instead to figure out how to make zipper rosettes. Of course finding a tutorial on the best way to do that sent me spiraling into an internet whole of finding everything on how to make every other flower EXCEPT the ones I wanted. But... that didn't seem to be a bad thing since I clearly liked the other flowers enough to basically drop what I was doing and go and buy supplies to make them. (i bought zippers to... but sadly no zipper rosettes have emerged from them yet).

ANYWAY... the flowers I did make were super cute! With all the colorful fabric I had laying around from various projects (uh hmmm... my pillow making obsession from back in the day). I decided to play around with what patterns would look good when they were all folded and twisted up.

Here's what I cam up with:

I had no idea what I was going to do with any of them... I just kept trying different fabrics until I had little pile of cute things. Hair clips? Perhaps. Bag pins? Sure. A necklace charm? maybe...

And in such convenient timing... D's twin nieces turned 10 this week. I decided to make a few into hair accessories for them. What a perfect gift.

And while I was at it... an awesome yellow flower for Jacki's cute black and white bag.... AND matching headband:

 So there it is... my adventures in flowers. Maybe someday soon I will get around to the zipper ones. We shall see...

In the meantime. You can expect to see some flower merch in my Etsy shop. Check back in the next couple weeks.

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  1. I really want to see your leopard flower!