Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trees for Tree

So... it has been a while since i have painted anything. Teresa (my boyfriends sister) had been playing with the idea of painting birch trees on her wall... an idea we had seen first via the design*sponge blog. This room came out awesome. And if you have not checked out design*sponge before, you simply must. There is a wide range of creative ideas that always get me thinking. There was multiple posts of birch tress on walls, this just happened to be my favorite :)

Seemed easy enough, Teresa's room is completely purple... My head started filling with ideas of how to do this, when to do it, could I do it for Christmas? Once the ideas were there, I simply could not wait to actually paint. So... I bought 3 large canvases.... and set up the dining room for a day of painting. After 2 trips to the store for more paint, and covering myself in purple (I accidentally sacrificed a new pair of jeans to art) I had something worth looking at. A row of trees spanning across 3 canvases. Perfect. Not exactly what we saw, something different and original for her room.

Once she hangs them... I will post a better picture... but for now, here's the idea. Also- I'm saving for a new camera, so don't judge the pictures just yet, I am aware they aren't the greatest.

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